Ferrolink GmbH is a young business, founded by 2 experienced partners, who originate from the local steel and hand tool industry.
The hilly topography of the region Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid with its omnipresent water power initiated an all-time movement of the finest tool and cutlery manufacturing for international industrial applications. Until today the area's image shows traditional structures such as small businesses, which are owned and managed by the founder’s family for decades and generations. Both managers of Ferrolink GmbH originate from such family patterns and bring more than 20 years of technical and marketing experience into their new partnership.
Daniel Kremendahl and Wolfgang Picard

The proceeding globalisation with rapidly changing sourcing- and sales conditions as much as progressive
technical changes ask for economical engineering solutions and a constant visionary management by the
entrepreneur of the 21st century.
Ferrolink GmbH focuses on today’s challenges by concentrating on selective products, technical and
marketing support as well as international networking services.
We build bridges to connect peaks!
Come visit us – we’ll show you how.

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